An alternative socioeconomic model of agriculture and food distribution

Huerta de la Luna, in El Pescadero, BCS, is offering neighbourhood delivery of ridiculously fresh and vibrant organic farm produce.

We are offering a home delivery CSA membership for our neighbours here in El Pescadero. Here’s how it works:

Each week on Friday mornings we bring you a beautiful box of seasonal, organic vegetables and herbs, as well as fruit and flowers according to availability. On delivery, we pick up empty boxes and supplies (glass jars, rubber bands, etc) from the week before for reuse.

We offer two abundant CSA boxes, the Luna box and the Tundra box, named after our farm cats:

  • The Luna box is a medium sized box good for 1-2 people and costs 300 pesos per week.
  • The Tundra box is a large box for 3-4 people and costs 500 pesos per week.

Membership is currently on a monthly basis. We request payment upfront in cash for each month of membership. We are slowly growing our program and we are looking for six more members to sign up with us in April, and again in May. If there is enough interest, we would love to continue through the summer months . (You know you want to stay for Mango season!)


As our CSA program grows, we plan to offer specialty add-on items from our land and our kitchen, such as farm fresh eggs; tea and tobacco blends; jams, pickles and ferments; and small batch ginger beers and infused liquors. (We’ve been experimenting away in our alchemist’s kitchen)

Our produce offerings will also grow with the coming seasons, particularly fruits, as our fruiting trees, shrubs and vines mature. The earth has its own rhythm; we cherish our roles as co-creators with the land. We are committed to regenerative farming practices, establishing biodiversity while nurturing and nourishing the soil.


For every five members that sign up, we give the proceeds of one membership to local initiatives supporting our community here in Pescadero. We deeply value this act as a tribute for the common good. Plenitude and collective effort is the way!

Our CSA boxes are seeded, grown, harvested, and packaged by us. We are a small team and this work is a labor of love for the land and our neighbors. We are so excited to be of service to our community and we are deeply grateful for your support.

Puro Amor