17 March 2023

  • Red mustard greens
    • we love them fresh in salads as well as sautéed
  • Daikon radish
    • radish greens are edible, too! They’re spiky to the touch, but soften when cooked
Preparing our first week’s boxes
  • Curly, red russian and dinosaur kale
  • Heads of lettuce
  • Asian eggplant
  • Zucchini and squash
  • Strawberries
  • Sunflowers with bok choi florets
  • Herb bundle of rosemary, thyme and cuban oregano
    • Cuban oregano has made its way to the Americas from somewhere around the Indian Ocean and goes by many names reflecting the various places it can now be found. We like it in tea to treat respiratory issues, though it has many other medicinal uses besides, and it’s great to season fish and chicken. A member of the mint family, Cuban oregano resembles a succulent and like most succulents, you can stick a sprig in the ground and grow your own plant! Check out this link for more info.
  • Borage flowers
    • And what are those little blue flowers? Borage flowers! The bees have been loving on them (borage is also called bee-bread and bee fodder). Use them to garnish drinks, sprinkle on morning grains, decorate hotcakes, or toss in salad. Out head farmer Michael just opened up a ramen shop called Bajapón next to Petit Leon and used them at this opening last weekend to garnish oyster and yellowtail sashimi!
In the flower garden harvesting borage flowers for this week’s boxes and calendula flowers to dry for future goodies!


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