Shungiku (Chrysanthemum Greens)

(Lebionis coronaria)

A grassy, aromatic and mildly bitter green, “spring chrysanthemum” are eaten raw or cooked in salads, soups, and hot pot dishes. It has a distinctive aroma with high nutritional content.

Called “spring chrysanthemum” as it blooms in the spring, where regular chrysanthemums bloom in autumn. Other names include tong ho, garland chrysanthemum, edible chrysanthemum, Crown daisy, and Chop Suey greens.

  • Eat the tender greens raw
  • Cut off any hard stems and simply sauté with a little oil, garlic and soy sauce
  • Blanche in hot water for about 30 seconds, shock in cold water, drain and squeeze out excess. If using it in soups and hot pots, add it at the end of cooking and avoid overcooking as the flavor will become bitter.
  • Make goma-ae.


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